Friday, September 30, 2011

Salsa Fest

Kiersten is in her second year of Company and LOVIN' it!
During the summer she attended Intense Dance Camp for a week. Which was Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 and she was so happy to go each day!
So the Salsa Fest was last weekend and her first chance to perform.
Hunter and Logan are in an all boys Hip Hop and Tap class this year.
They were thrilled when they found out they'd be able to perform at the Salsa Fest as well.
Nice picture huh? Yeah the boys faces look so funny! It was so hot and sunny and hard to keep your eyes open for a picture :) Kiersten is in Hot Shots this year! She is the one in the front center..........this was her group doing their "Wanna Be" routine. They totally rock at this routine. They also did "Party Rock Anthem" which included all company dancers..........they learned it at intense dance camp. I got several comments on how impressive of a dancer Kiersten is. She really does steal the show when she is dancing! video
Just push play to see a few seconds of their dance!
This is the boys hip hop group. Logan is the second from the left and Hunter is the last on the right. Now I wished I had video taped the whole dance. It was super cute and they only had practiced it for one class awesome job boys!
So it's our tradition to go to the Salsa Fest with the Pryor's and this year was no exception. We decided to watch the kids perform and then taste all the salsas. Yeah Bad Idea!!! The salsas were ALL GONE! I guess less people entered then last year and tons more came to taste. So next year we won't make this will be salsa tasting first and then watching the kids perform. It was so sad to miss out on tasting all those wonderful salsas. I had even skipped lunch just to be ready to take in all those chips and salsa............yeah I should have eaten!

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